Longbeach Mall

Longbeach Mall

Location: Noordhoek, Western Cape

Gross Lettable Area: 31 236.9 m²

Market: LSM 7 – 10

75% female, 25% male

69% white, 11% black, 11% other



Longbeach Mall provides shoppers with everything they need to lead an effortless, stress-free and relaxed lifestyle. Until very recently, it was the only large shopping centre in the area. Following news of plans for a new shopping centre across the street from Longbeach Mall, we needed to come up with a campaign that would keep Longbeach Mall top of mind for consumers. The Number 1 campaign re-established Longbeach Mall as the number 1 shopping destination in the Far South. This is done by using the “#1” icon in all marketing collateral. The artwork also reinforces the fact that Longbeach Mall is part of the community through visuals that celebrate the outdoorsy, relaxed lifestyle of people in the area. The use of the “#1” icon is clever, because it has become an iconic symbol of the mall. It also plays on the hashtag symbol used on Twitter, encouraging consumers to interact with the brand online.